Some of the Best Flower Basket Designs for Rakhi

Most Indian festivals follow the practice of exchanging gifts and Raksha Bandhan is Definity one of them. On this festival where the sister ties Rakhi to her brother and along with the Rakhi give a box of sweets. Similarly, the brothers acknowledge the love of their sisters through a gift and a box of sweets. The sweets plan an important role as it is believed that exchange of sweets denote prosperity and happiness. Sisters also choose among the various beautiful Rakhis online to send for their brothers. Along with all this, some flowers if given to the sister adds to her happiness. Below are some ideas that will add more sparkle to your festival.

1. A Hanging basket: With the lack of space in the new age houses, this kind of flower basket is your answer. The flowers here grown in that very basket and all you need to do is just buy and send flowers to your sister. if you are meeting her for the festival, then it is even better as you will see the exhilarating expressions with that thoughtful gift you have chosen to give her.  When you see your sister happy, the essence of the festival is attained, and you feel satisfied for being an ideal brother. This basket can have any flowers, such as Petunia, Begonia, Touch-me-not and many more.

2. Half-Half basket: Select a basket with a partition, and you can decorate the same with two variants. In one half you can place some delectable eatables such as chocolates, biscuits, juices and make it look a goodies hamper. On the other side, you can place a small vase that almost equals the size of the basket. You may fill the vase with flowers of your choice along with some greens. This basket is not only alluring in its appearance, but will also satiate your sweet tooth, if your sister and have it. You may enjoy this two- in-one basket together and finish the chocolates post or during the Rakhi Celebration. You may choose a wooden cane basket or an aluminum basket according to your choice.

3. Flowers along with Cake: Buy the traditional rose bouquet and club it with a cake of your choice to bring sweetness to the festival. This combination can impress anyone, and the highlight is its availability. It is available with many online florists who send flowers to India and other places in the world. This collectively will complete the gift and you do not have to go shop by shop to buy anything more. So, save your time on this festival and still get the best available in the market.

4. Flowers and Teddy Bear: All girls love and adore a Teddy Bear. With an exclusive range of Teddy Bears available in the market, you can buy any according to your choice. With contemporary colors of the Teddy bears, such as Blue, Red, Pink and even Yellow, you may pick what you think your sister will like. Besides this, regular colors like Brown, White and Black are also available. Chose the flowers in contrasting color of the Bear and see how picturesque the entire combination will look. For example, if you chose Black Color of the Teddy, you may choose Stark Red Roses. If you chose Yellow Teddy, then choose Maroon or Purple Orchids to go with it.

5. Flower Arranged in a Vase: A Small reusable Vase with flowers in it will make your economically thoughtful sister very happy. Not only will she enjoy the freshness of the flowers but will also be ecstatic to reuse the vase once the flowers wilt. The vase will also act as a memory that she and you can cherish together.  You may choose Rose, Lilies or even Gerberas for this arrangement.


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